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The Story of My Life, part 1

Hi, I am Dienand Christe and I started this website because I felt a need among my boxing friends to wear your own boxing club clothes. 

As a physically handicapped (2019) designer, more about that later, I can use my knowledge of design to create a site where you can order customized boxing clothing from scratch. You can see the result of this here. 

But to start at the beginning, from childhood I was fascinated by boxing. I well remember my father waking me up late in the night to watch the fight of the century between Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier together. 

Sitting on my father's lap, I watched with fascination the images of our black and white television how these two super athletes fought each other. Like most children, or at least boys, I was fascinated by physical violence. Why, that is food for psychologists. I do have my own thoughts about that. 

What I do know for sure is that as a child I was raised in a safe environment. I was never beaten like that by my parents. I don't even remember a corrective slap. Not even once. I assume this may have contributed to my fascination with physical violence. You develop such a fascination either through too much physical violence in your youth or, as in my case, the absence of any form of physical violence. 
The latter is of course preferable, but it also has disadvantages. You develop a kind of fear of physical violence and that can be a handicap in the schoolyard.
I think it is good if you learn as a child how to defend yourself. Physically but also mentally. What any martial art teaches you is that you not only experience what it is like to deliver a punch, but just as much that you experience and learn by feeling what it is to take a beating. Every martial artist will remember the first real blow he or she receives as some sort of initiation. As if you only belong to the group when you have proven that you are not a wimp. It is even better if you have shown that you stand your ground. 
But every athlete will once, if not many times, have to acknowledge superiority in an opponent that he or she has to lose. Whether it is strength, speed or agility, there is always an opponent who can beat you in one of these areas. 

Later, around eighteen, I joined a boxing club near me called Club Uppercut. Not that I was a great talent, but in training and later also sparring I had all the more fun. The satisfaction you feel when you deliver a perfect punch and hit someone right will always stay with me.

Next time more about the 'highlight of my boxing career...

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